Installing ContainerX Manager (cxMgmt) on AWS instance using client GUI installer

Detailed information can be found in the ContainerX install and administration guide


The following requirements are required for proper operation of the CX application in the AWS environment. The installer application  will automatically create the security group required before installing the CX manager, but the IAM account key with AdministratorAccess and a VPC with auto public IP assignment must still be manually setup.


    1. One virtual private cloud (VPC) in a supported region. See below for list of supported AWS regions.
    2. VPC must have a public subnet that auto-assigns a public IP to an instance launched in that subnet. CX management server as well as all virtual hosts must be created in this subnet. This will provide layer 3 (IP) connectivity between CX management server and CX hosts. Default subnet in any availability zone option should work - corresponding availability zone should be used when creating CX hosts below as described in Section Using CX Management Platform. Following screenshot from VPC management console (VPC dashboard/Subnets on left side) shows how to change a subnet policy to assign public IP automatically:

      It also emphasizes the availability zone value that would be required for setting up clusters later.
    3. Ensure that VPC is connected to an internet gateway to allow public internet access. See AWS documentation on managing VPC. This requires having a route with as the destination and the internet gateway for the VPC as a target.


Download, unpack and run GUI installer.

On your desktop computer perform the following steps:

    1. Download either the Windows, Linux or Mac zip file from installer location as shared separately.
      • Mac  - installer-osx64-<version>.zip
      • Linux - installer-linux64-<version>.zip
      • Windows - installer-win64-<version>.zip
    1. Unzip the file into a suitable location
    2. Start the cX app (Windows - cX.exe, Linux - cX, Mac -, a self-contained Chromium browser will start with the Terms of Service Agreement.
    1. Accept the agreement and next screen will give you the option to select Bare Metal or AWS EC2 instance.

Select 'Amazon EC2 Instance'

    1. Enter your IAM Access Key ID and Secret key and select ‘VALIDATE’.



    1. Create a custom instance name and select your VPC, subnet, instance type and EBS storage size. Then select ‘BUILD INSTANCE’


    1. Copy and paste the private key file into a local file. This will enable to access the CX management server via ssh. Select ‘GOT IT’ to begin CX manager instance creation.


    1. When complete the installer will post the location of the CX management server web address and open the default browser to the page.


    1. After this step, you can proceed with Creating an Elastic Cluster
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