Installing ContainerX Manager (cxMgmt) on prepared host using client GUI installer

Detailed information can be found in the ContainerX install and administration guide

Download, unpack and run GUI installer.

On your desktop computer perform the following steps:

  1. Download either the Windows, Linux or Mac zip file from installer location as shared separately.
  • Mac  - installer-osx64-<version>.zip
  • Linux - installer-linux64-<version>.zip
  • Windows - installer-win64-<version>.zip
  1. Unzip the file into a suitable location
  2. Start the cX app (Windows - cX.exe, Linux - cX, Mac -, a self-contained Chromium browser will start with the Terms of Service Agreement.
  1. Accept the agreement and next screen will give you the option to select Bare Metal or AWS EC2 instance.

Select 'Preconfigured Host'

  1. Provide the IP address for the location of the CX management server, user name and either ssh private key or password to access the server. The remote user should have sudo privileges on the intended management server without requiring a password. For private key, hit ‘CREATE PEM’ to create a temporary private key file that installer will use to communicate with the server.

  1. Press ‘TEST’ to test the connection to the management server. Once test succeeds, you will be able to continue with the rest of the installation process.
  2. When complete, the installer will post the location of the CX management server web address and open the default browser to the page.
  3. After this step, you can proceed with deploying an Elastic Cluster.
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    Christian Tawfik

    I tried to install, but it process fails at Stage 2 "Creating docker host" with "SSH cmd error!"

    After inspecting your scripts I think I found the cause:

    /usr/bin/docker-machine -D create -d generic --generic-ip-address=$ip --engine-install-url= mgmt

    The URL is referring to Port 8080. Which normally, or at least in our environment, is not permitted for outbound connections. Any chance of changing this to a common port, like 80 or better 443?

    Thanks, Chris

    Edited by Christian Tawfik
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    Richard McAlexander

    I'm having the same issue as Chris. Except that I have an any:any rule for my openstack instance:


    1: Connect to Preconfigured Host Instance.
    Writing the local PEM file: OK
    Testing SSH connection using RSA key: OK
    2: Installing ContainerX.
    Connecting with remote host [] and starting uploads.
    Upload cX distribution zip file to mgmt host.
    -- waiting to connect 15
    Establishing SSH session with remote host: OK
    Software install Stage 1 of 2 -- containerX distribution:
    -- unpack CX distribution
    Software install Stage 2 of 2 -- docker and system installs:
    Installing packages needed for mgmt server
    Generating ssh keys for root
    Pulling docker binaries
    docker-machine not found, downloading docker-machine
    Checking for docker-engine
    Removing docker mgmt host if it exists
    Creating docker host
    SSH cmd error!
    The cX Installer encountered a fatal error and has halted.
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