Adding another cxHost to an existing Elastic Cluster

Detailed information can be found in the ContainerX install and administration guide

Click on “ELASTIC CLUSTERS” Drop down to go to the EC you wish to add hosts to. You will see the EC details page. Click on HOSTS tab.

You will then be taken to the host details page for this cluster. Click on “ADD HOST”.


Then select from the following options:

  1. For a cluster of type AWS, Azure or VMware, you will see the following screen. Add the number of hosts you wish to add to the cluster and hit confirm.

You would see a progress indicator while host(s) are being added and "Done" when complete

  1. For a Bare Metal cluster type, add details for the host that you want to add. You can only add one bare metal host at a time. Please ensure that you have run the prepare step as specified in the requirements section before attempting this. Hit “CONFIRM” to start the process.

You will see a progress indicator as host is added to the cluster and "Done" when complete.

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