Local account mangement

Detailed information can be found in the ContainerX install and administration guide

6.6.2 Local User Configuration

  1. Logged in as user “Admin” click the “Administrator” drop down and select “User Management”.
  2. Then select the “LOCAL” tab to configure account access.


  1. A new account can be created with the “NEW USER” button. Complete the pop-out options with a username, role, and password.


  1. Next, the account can be assigned specific pools (or a current account can be modified by selecting the edit button on the right of the account name). Select the “ASSIGN POOLS” tab to begin selection.


  1. Use the double right arrow ➞➞ to assign all elastic pools to the assigned user or highlight and select the single right arrow ➞ to assigning specific pools and select “SAVE”
  2. The local account is now available for login and should only be able to see assigned pools.


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